Personal Project

Skill Deploy is a solution to a problem I encountered while leading design and engineering teams in the non-profit space; easy access to top talent ready to contibute to the mission of purpose-driven brands.


The Challenge

Most people find it easy to connect to non-profits with clear and purposeful missions that drive the work they do. The challenge is that not very many people take the risk to work for an organization full time that can promise meaningful work but under market salaries. We wanted to evolve this narrative.

What I did

  • Originally founded the company on my own
  • Early idea validation and design
  • Strategy for next steps of the product

Idea Validation

As a solo non-technical founder I had to use what I had to see if the idea would have any interest from potential customers before I pursued bringing on co-founders or raising money. I leveraged my design experience and social media following to push a simple email opt-in splash page to capture emails. After a two week period I had captured 200+ emails from potential customers. I now had momentum.

Group 59 (1)
Group 61 (2)

Email capture page for idea validation

Rectangle 56 (1)

Landing page concept (originally named Heyfam)


The email lists that I was able to capture early on helped me find users that were willing to test the prototypes I had created of the early product idea and provide feedback in exchange for priority and early access to a beta when it launched.

A Work In Progress

Confident in the responses and feedback I gathered from potential customers it was time to put a team together and start selling the idea to potential co-founders. I recently brought on two technical co-founders and we decided we would bootstrap this product and continue to find product market fit before pursuing any funding. We also changed the name from Heyfam to Skill Deploy.

beta copy 16
beta copy 13
beta copy 14