Mobile Experiment

WorshipU is a leading video on demand learning platform for worship leaders and musicians. Our focus had always been selling an all in one monthly subscription but with a steady decline in new subscribers it was time to start talking to users and learn more.

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The Challenge

After several interviews with power and churned users we realized that people were talking about a free course we had uploaded to YouTube. Instead of signing up for a subscription to get access to all our courses users were watching the free course over and over with hopes that we would release another outside of our subscription paywall.

This lead us to dive deeper into our data and we noticed that out of 1.2 million monthly sessions on our product, over 850 thousand were on mobile; specifically iOS devices. We quickly pulled our teams together and began ideating some potential solutions. The first one we dove into was creating an iOS app for WorshipU where users could purchase individual courses without needing a subscription.

More on this later, but this is clearly where it fell apart. Our goal was to figure out if users would pay for an individual course not go and build a completely new product.

What I did

  • Lead research and strategy
  • Designed first version of iOS app
  • Pitched to stakeholders and executives

Key Findings

After mapping out the iOS app and estimating a potential timeline before we would be able to ship it to production and how the subscriber trends would affect us during that timeframe, we came up with a few additional experiments worth testing.


After trying multiple experiments we were left with one. We have an e-commerce store for Bethel Music and with the ease of No Code and the power of shopify we wanted to put together a course on our store and promote it on our social channels to better understand how an individual course sale would perform.

Where It Ended

Within two days we knew that we spent a lot of time and money on an unecessary iOS app design. We found that users were ready to purchase individual courses and shopify made that possible in a very easy and cost effective way. It was worth the time and effort but I learned that a solution doesn’t always have to be something brand new, it might just be something we already use just used in a different way.

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