Content Management System

Bethel Music is one of the largest independent Christian record labels in the world with over 80 signed writers and worship leaders. Finding time as a web and product team to serve each one of them was beginning to be a problem.


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The Challenge

We needed to find a way to leverage technology to increase our capacity as Bethel Music to publish and promote our music without depending on developers and designers. With that in mind, we set out to create a content management system that would serve every team in our company and hopefully increase our capacity at least 2x.

What I did

  • Designed the database architecture
  • Defined CMS Admin flow
  • Designed initial web templates
  • Pitched to stakeholders and executives

Defining Architecture

We quickly realized that we had the opportunity to solve a bigger problem than we originally planned. By creating a data structure that broke up every component that made up a song or an album, we could leverage and scale this with any new and existing website or product.

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Craft CMS

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Craft CMS website creation


We can now publish, track and distribute songs to multiple websites at a time all done from a simple CMS by anyone who has the appropriate permissions and access. Our teams have been able to scale their output 3x. The future is bright.

Opportunity Awaits

Since we are now tracking every single piece of content and media, we are now looking into adding a portion to our database to manage royalties and payouts making us the first label in our space to fully own our end to end distribution process.

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