Managing business units in ever-evolving industries like media and music leaves us with more questions than answers. Our visibility was very limited across our family of brands and products so we set out on an ambitious mission to create a global solution for clear visibility into user behavior, revenue, and reach allowing us to finally give data a seat at the table.

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Designing the framework

We needed to create a framework that would allow us to scale in the future and create processes for automation and let the machines do the heavy lifting. We didn’t want to create a completely new data team to make this happen. I worked with a couple of our engineers to design the framework we would use starting from the input automations to how data would displayed and easily avaiable to all directors and stakeholders.

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Breaking it all down

We had multiple services that we already used including hubspot, our finance software and more. We now needed to go back and map out every user journey we could think of to make sure that we let the software do the detailed work and we set ourselves up to just maintain the progress and uptime of our system.

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Finalizing the process

Once we had every journey mapped out, data extraction automated, loads and transformations functioning properly it was time to bring in all the stakeholders and walk them through the system at a high level and begin collecting KPIs that each department needed to see so we could build individualized dashboards for everyone. We now had a clean source of data that allowed us to see any specific user’s journey accross our family of brands.

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This has transformed how we make decisions as an organization in the best way possible. As music streaming evolves, knowing what behaviors and trends to follow has been extremly valuable. I’m excited to see the evolution of this entire pipeline.

Roles during this project


I collaborated and gained a great number of insights from working with the global network of partners.

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