After leading multiple teams over the years I have learned that good talent is really hard to find. Not only do you need to find people that can accomplish the tasks and projects to propel your company forward but you also want to make sure they are a pleasure to work with and can get on board with the team and vision. In 2017, I decided to do something about it. This was the birth of heyfam.

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Connecting the dots

Through collaborating with several ministries and other purpose driven organizations over the years, we naturally built an ecosystem of really good designers, developers, and marketers that we all seemed to recommend to each other. Our network organically frew and so did our ministry relationships so we wanted to make these talented creatives available for other organizations to hire but we wanted to take out all the guess work and time consuming interviewing process.

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Stewarding the network

Heyfam allows any purpose driven organization to post freelance, full-time, part-time, and contract work to the gig board where verified and vetted creatives can apply to any project that is interesting to them. All creatives go through an interview process or come highly recommended by our global network of organizations so you are always getting a short-list of highly qualified creatives that are almost always sure to be a good fit.


As the network evolves

Our network of creatives and global organization partners has continued to grow without much effort on our part. We have seen a clear need and a high level of demand coming from our specific demographic. We have also seen interest from companies outside our expected demographic as well as requests and applications for different types of creatives including photographers and product managers.

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It has been a really interesting ride over the past few months. Heyfam has blown us away by the demand it has been receiving and we look forward to its future.

Roles during this project


I collaborated and gained a great number of insights from working with the global network of partners.

User Interviews

UX Research

Product Strategy


As the design co-founder I was able to lead all design efforts accross the entire application.

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Art Direction

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