People come to Bethel Church from all over the world to experience an encounter, find healing, and pursue restoration. They come to experience a culture that is unique to Bethel. In 2017, I helped Bethel make those experiences and opportunities available to everyone, everywhere by rethinking the church online experience and creating a framework for the future of all Bethel ministries.


Investing in the future of a movement

With hundreds of ministries and millions of followers, we needed to rethink the entire end-to-end global experience. We set out on an ambitious journey to create a framework that all of our applications would be able to use and all of our users would be able to navigate seamlessly through our entire ecosystem of products. We focused on one piece at a time through a distrubuted micro-service architecture.


Connecting the global community

Bethel’s mission is to connect and empower the global church so had to become a connection point for all our users that would give them real-time and exclusive access to events, services, and the global community.

Group 3

Stewarding the mission

After the product was launched we began to record new insights that were gathered. We have since come a long way and are continuing to out our efforts toward creating the most seamless and engaged online church experience. The framework that was initiated by this project has allowed us to scale and continue to connect all of our ministries and users.


It was an honor to work along side some of the most hard working individuals I have ever had the pleaseure of working with. I look forward to the future of Bethel and Bethel’s online community.

Roles during this project


I lead the product and engineering teams during this project and guided every phase of strategy.

Technical Strategy

UX Research

Product Strategy


I was very hands on during the design process. I worked on execution from wireframes to final designs. 

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Art Direction

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