I have nothing to prove but I do have plenty to learn.

My name is Baltazar and over the past decade I have been on a journey of creating and acquiring value as a designer, executive and people manager.

I am currently the Director of WorshipU at Bethel Music where I get to collaborate and oversee a multidisciplinary team of individuals focused on resourcing and educating songwriters and musicians. Previously I was the Chief Design and Technology Officer for Bethel where I built and lead our product teams across multiple business units. 

Before Bethel, I worked with design teams at Creative Market, MyTime and VMware as well as multiple startups including Asset Avenue, Skurt and Bark N Borrow.

I’m obsessed with human potential, behavioral psychology and creativity.

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Areas of focus

Leadership Coaching

Working with humans

Organization Consulting

Small and large teams

Product Strategy

Platform and go-to market

Product Design

End-to-end design

Design Management

Empowering potential

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